Brownfields Tribal Response Program (TRP)


Duane Jackson, Jr. - Brownfields TRP Coordinator

SLT-EPA Office

PO Box 99

Fort Totten, ND 58335

Phone: 701-766-1286

Fax: 701-766-1218


"Brownfields are abandoned, idled, or underused industrial and commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by actual or suspected environmental contamination. By investigating and cleaning up brownfields sites, many of which are abandoned properties that pose an immediate threat to the local community, development can take place without fear of environmental legal liabilities. This benefits the Spirit Lake Nation and surrounding communities by bringing jobs to the area, making abandoned property functional, and possibly preserving sites that might have historical significance to the community."




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Past Success Stories

In 2002 SLT EPA began the major cleanup of an active asbestos site within our own boundaries. The old abandon school site was not only an eye sore for most of us living here but also a major hazardous waste site. The school had laid vacant since the mid 1980’s and had fallen prey to vandalism and became a hangout for misguided unsupervised children.

The dangers of having such an environmental hazard were so great we contacted US EPA and requested their assistance to have the site cleaned up of the hazardous materials that were left behind when the school was abandoned. US EPA deemed the site to be a major hazard to the residents of the St. Michael District and enacted their SuperFund Program to assist the tribe with the very costly cleanup. Through EPA’s SuperFund Program the tribe received over $1.5 million dollars in aid to clean up the site.

Members of the Spirit Lake Tribe also benefited from the site during the remediation process. Security guards were hired to keep watch on-site. More importantly, children were safely kept away as the dangerous asbestos were being removed from the buildings.

We will be working to complete the remediation process of this site in the near future. Please look for our announcements’ as we need the communities’ input to decide what should be done with this property. Should it be torn down, should we preserve the historical site, or should we convert it into something useful and productive? Please call 701-766-1259 with your helpful suggestions.


Enhancing Tribal Capacity for Continued Success

EPA’s Brownfields Program builds and enhances tribal capacity by:

Providing financial support for tribes to develop and enhance their voluntary response programs-under the new law, $50 million has been provided to tribes and states;

Providing protection form federal Superfund liability at properties addressed under state voluntary response programs, and;

Forming effective partnerships with tribal and state governments to bolster efforts to clean up brownfield properties under the Brownfields Revitalization Act or through Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) with individual states.

If you or someone you know has an idea of where we can identify new contaminated Brownfields locations, please call SLT Tribal EPA Office at 701-766-1286


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