Spirit Lake Tribe


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Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance

Tax Department

Valerie Bull - Director

Gerard Thompson - Compliance Officer

Myra Hunt - Administrative Assistant

Joannie Black - Receptionist/Secretary

Office #: (701) 766-4707

Fax #: (701) 766-4592

Email: tero@gondtc.com


"The Spirit Tribal Council finds that employment discrimination against Indians persists to some extent on the Reservation despite a large number of Indian and non-Indian owned businesses employing skilled and non-skilled workers inside the Reservation. The Tribal Council further finds that jobs in private employment on or near the Reservation are an important resource to which member of the Spirit Lake Tribe and other Indians living on or near the Reservation have unique employment rights. The Council also finds that it has a duty to guarantee and implement these unique employment rights by creating employment, business, and training opportunities. It is also the Council's responsibility to monitor Indian preference along with collecting from those doing business on the Spirit Lake Reservation a fair fee for that privilege. Thus, the council has enacted and hereby amends an employment rights law which establishes an Employment Rights Program and Employment Rights Commission to achieve its goals and policies." - taken from Spirit Lake Law & Order Code, Title 15: Employment Rights, Sec. 15-1-102.


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