Spirit Lake Social Services

Spirit Lake Tribal Social Services
7184 Hwy 57
PO Box 39
Fort Totten ND 58335
Phone 701-766-4404
Fax 701-766-4722

Strengthening Spirit Lake children, families and community through Dakota values.
Mission: We will partner to deliver culturally responsive family services and supports.

December 2017 Newsletter

Organization Chart


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Erica Thompson - Cavanaugh-Director
EXT. 102  701-230-5295

Diana Azure - Administrative Assistant
EXT. 100

Amanda Engen - Juvenile Presenter
EXT. 101  701-230-4216

Jean Robertson - Case Manager
EXT. 103  701-381-9693

Savannah Poitra - Case Manager
EXT. 110  701-381-8191

Wade Longie - Case Manager
EXT. 107  701-230-7112

Sharlotte Martin - Foster Care Recruiter
EXT. 106  701-230-4195

Gloria Redroad - Family Preservationist
EXT. 105  701-381-8147


Marissa Goodvoice - CFS Investigator


Dakota Values

Waohoda (Respect) Ohan Owotana (Honesty)
Woksape (Wisdom) Waokiyapi (Help)
Wawokiya (Generosity) Wichwahba (Humility)
Wowaditake (Courage & Fortitude) Waunsida (Compassion)


Guiding Principles:
The safety of children is paramount.

  • We will acknowledge families as relatives.

  • We will measure and evaluate our work to ensure quality services.

  • We will strive to provide consistency through well trained and well supervised staff.

  • We will treat families fairly, ethically and as equal partners.

  • We will practice in an ethical manner that reflects Dakota values and best practice.

  • We recognize and promote safety, permanence and well-being of children.

  • We will engage families and our colleagues in a strength based and respectful manner.

  • We will work collaboratively, transparently, and professionally with our stakeholders.

  • We recognize families are unique.

  • We will promote a learning environment inside and outside of the Spirit Lake child welfare system of care.

  • We will be proactive in our efforts to provide prevention and early intervention.

  • We will promote individual family self-determination.

  • We have a shared responsibility for the children in our community. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

  • We will continue to sustain and strengthen effective communication, coordination and collaboration with all partners.

  • We will solicit, encourage and respect family’s voice and choice throughout the tribal child welfare system of care.

  • We will invite and encourage community participation and input.

  • We will accept and address constructive criticism; encourage positive solutions and idea; and celebrate successes.

  • We will demonstrate accountability to our families.

  • We will uphold current law and advocate for law that better protects our children, families and community.

  • We will continuously seek out and leverage our resources.

Services Provided by IV-E Foster Care:

  • Site visits of IV-E foster children

  • Placement foster children

  • Arrange necessary services

  • Engagement of parents

  • One on one children interaction care & parents

  • Make referrals for other resources as needed

  • Assist or arrange in transportation to and from appoints for children in placement

  • Facilitate quarterly Child Family Team Meetings

  • Develop affidavits for court intervention

  • Participate in IEP meetings for IV-E children

  • Support foster parents in placement of IV-E children

Foster Home Recruitment, Licensing, and Support

  • Locate families interested in Foster Care

  • Conduct home studies

  • Assist families in meeting all standards

  • Present findings to Director for his recommendations

  • Assist and arrange for training