A grand opening for the new court house was held on Saturday, August 4, 2007.

(L-R) Lois Leben, Bernadette Brown, Shelly Luger, Myra Pearson, Chairwoman, Senator Byron Dorgan and William D. Cavanaugh, Tribal Judge

Photo by Janifer Jensen


Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm


Criminal Adult Court Arraignments

Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00pm

Fridays at 10:00am


Spirit Lake Tribal Court

708 3rd Ave

PO Box 30

Fort Totten, ND 58335

(701)766-4244, 766-4750

Fax:  (701)766-4776


Court Staff


Chief judge - Joseph Morsette

Associate Judge - William D. Cavanugh

Tribal Court Administrator - Michelle Lawrence

Adult Probation Officer - Annabel DeMarce

Prosecutor - Joseph Vetch

Civil Clerk of Court - Leola White

Family Clerk of Court - Patricia Twohearts 

 Criminal Clerk of Court - Martina Morgan 

Assistant Clerk of Court- Melanie Robertson

Data Entry Clerk - Myrna DeMarce

Data Entry Clerk - Clayton Blueshield

Juvenile Intake Officer - Cora Whiteman

Process Server/Bailiff - Mike Leaf 

Traditional Court

Traditional Court Coordinator - Natasha Gourd

Traditional Court Brochure

Filing Fees


Spirit Lake Tribal Court consists of Adult Criminal Division, Civil Division and Juvenile/Family Court.


Holidays Observed (Pursuant to Spirit Lake Personnel Policies Manual):


New Year's Day Native American Day
Martin Luther King Day Columbus Day
Presidents' Day Thanksgiving Day
Good Friday (1/2 day)  Veteran's Day
Easter Monday  Christmas Day
Memorial Day  Birthday Holiday
Independence Day  Tribal Elections
Labor Day Annual Fort Totten Days Pow Wow

WARNING!!! The Spirit Lake Law and Order Code on this website may or may not contain currently applicable law. Some sections of the code may be in effect and others may not have taken effect as of the date you use this site. You should always check with the Spirit Lake Tribal Court or Spirit Lake Tribal Council for any updates to the law.

The version of the Spirit Lake Law and Order Code on this website is derived from existing Tribal Council Resolutions as reviewed by the Spirit Lake Tribe Law and Order Committee. The Spirit Lake Law and Order Code is the codification of all general and permanent law enacted by the Spirit Lake Tribe. The table of contents to this online version of the Spirit Lake Law and Order is derived from the listing of titles of the Code.



SLT Constitution

Promulgated Rules



TITLE 1 General Provisions

TITLE 2 Courts

TITLE 3 Criminal Actions

TITLE 4 Civil Actions

TITLE 5 Heirship and Probate

TITLE 6 Motor Vehicle and Highways

TITLE 7 Taxation

TITLE 8 Charitable Games

TITLE 9 Domestic Relations

TITLE 10 Corporations and Tribal Entities

TITLE 11 Commercial Code

TITLE 12 Beekeeping

TITLE 13 Exclusion

TITLE 14 Businesses

TITLE 15 Employment Rights

TITLE 16 Health and Sanitation

TITLE 17 Utilities

TITLE 18 Conservation

TITLE 19 Mortgage Recording, Foreclosure and Eviction Ordinance

TITLE 20 Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Law

TITLE 21 Wodakota: Traditional Court


Appellate Procedure

Attorney Application