Spirit Lake Tribe

Spirit Lake Emergency
edical Services


Purpose of Program:

Provides Emergency Medical Services, Treatment and Transport of the sick and injured, provides limited stand-by for special events, also provides & assists other programs with education.

Services Available:

Provides primary emergency medical response within the boundaries of the Spirit Lake Reservation and surrounding areas as requested by dispatch. State licensed Ambulance Service, staffed 24/7 by one licensed EMT and one EMS Driver. Average call volume has been running about 1300 calls a year.

Cost of Services:  Insurance billing for Ambulance calls, Education on cost basis
Geographical Area Served: Spirit Lake Reservation
Clientele Served: Anybody needing services
Funding Agency: IHS and Third Party Billing
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Director/Contact Person: EMS Coordinator
  EMS Application
Address: 1403 Dakota Ave. (Physical location)
Mailing Address: PO Box 449
  Ft. Totten,  ND 58335
Phone:  * Emergency 911 * or 701-766-4231
  Office: 701-766-4236
  Fax: 701-766-4730


Updated:  06/19/2014