Tribal Community Prevention

Spirit Lake Nation

3451 82nd Ave NE

Sheyenne, ND 58374

Phone: 701-294-2361  Fax: 701-294-2361


Lisa Burdick: Coordinator

Tribal Substance Abuse Prevention

through a contract between ND Department of Human Services and Spirit Lake Tribe.


About the Program

Lisa’s overall role is to help local communities enhance their capacity to address issues related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

Coordinators provide technical assistance, consultation, guidance, and resources to community organizations, schools, workplaces, law enforcement, etc. 

Coordinators are not licensed counselors and are not able to provide direct care to youth, adults, or families.

Coordinators offer information and education through many venues, health fairs, media, brochures, posters, etc. 

They also coordinate drug and alcohol free activities. 

They can help promote and establish drug and alcohol policies and laws and assist communities in identifying effective prevention strategies, such as environmental prevention strategies.

Please feel free to contact Lisa

cell phone number 701-350-1529


Stephanie Greene: Assistant


Stephanie’s role as a Tribal Tobacco Coordinator Assistant involves: working with commercial tobacco abuse issues in the Tribal Area.

educating youth and their families about the dangers of commercial tobacco abuse including secondhand smoke.

assist the Department if Health in promoting the ND Tobacco Quitline/ND Tobacco QuitNet as the main tobacco cessation resources.

work to promote comprehensive tobacco-free policies.

Stephanie will also play a vital role as Spirit Lake’s representative on the ND Intertribal Tobacco Abuse Coalition (ITAC), which is made up statewide Tribal Tobacco Coordinators to advance Tribal Tobacco issues in the state and region.



Implementation of Parents LEAD Efforts

ND SAPST Training

Take A Closer Look Video 1

Take A Closer Look Video 2

Prescription Drug Abuse

Tobacco Commercial


Parents Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss

Hey Everyone - Below is some information on Parents LEAD if you want to pass this along to your contacts. 

Parents LEAD has a Web site, Facebook page and blog that can all be accessed at

Parents LEAD (Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss) is a program designed to help parents talk to their children about underage drinking. As a parent, talking to your child about certain subjects can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. That’s why the Parents LEAD website was created to assist you in helping your kids make the right decision. Parents LEAD includes tips for starting the conversation, handling questions from children, and suggestions for prevention measures that are effective for children at each individual developmental stage.

Receive Email Answers
This site includes an email notification system that will allow parents to receive emails about transitional, high risk stages in a child’s life, and how to handle these transitions into the next stage of childhood. In addition, we will be offering parenting forums for parents of children in each age group that will be moderated by Dr. Sharon Query, 4-H Youth Development Specialist with the NDSU Center for 4-H Youth Development. Dr. Query will lend her expertise with parenting issues and child development questions to all North Dakota parents who are looking for answers about how to handle situations involving underage drinking.

Additional Resources: Resources for signs and symptoms if your son/daughter is using, treatment locations, parents tip-line, age-specific videos, developmentally appropriate conversation starters and other tips and tools on how to start the conversation with your child.


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