Spirit Lake Tribal Social Services

P.O. Box 39

Fort Totten, North Dakota 58335

Office: (701) 766-4404 Fax: (701) 766-4722

Delbert Hopkins: Director: (701)351-3585: sldir@gondtc.com
Administration Detail

Chuck Sanderson: ICWA: (701)230-5295: slticwadir@spiritlakenation.com
The ICWA department is to "Protect the best interests of Indian Children and to promote the stability of Indian tribes and families." This is accomplished by tribal court approval of one of three options. They are 1) intervene (monitor) the state court case of an enrolled child, 2) transfer the case to tribal court with the assurance of needed resources to serve the child, or 3) take no action. Social Service policies and procedures state that "all new ICWA cases which are sent to the Director of ICWA shall be reviewed with Tribal Court for their direction. Both the Director and the assistance participate in court hearing, family team meetings, and working with the various systems to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Sandra Laducer: Case Manager: (701)381-9956: sandyl@gondtc.com
Monitor IV-E Foster Care Placements

Brenda Jacobson: Case Manager: (701)381-9693: slss-casman2@gondtc.com
Monitor IV-E Foster Care Placements

Cherilu Pearson: ICWA Assistant

Ashley Roulette: Foster Care: (701)381-9771: slss-pa@gondtc.com
Recruit, License and Monitor Foster Homes

Vision: Strengthening Spirit Lake children, families and community through Dakota values.

Mission: We will partner to deliver culturally responsive family services and supports.


Dakota Values

Waohoda (Respect) Ohan Owotana (Honesty)
Woksape (Wisdom) Waokiyapi (Help)
Wawokiya (Generosity) Wichwahba (Humility)
Wowaditake (Courage & Fortitude) Waunsida (Compassion)

Guiding Principles:
The safety of children is paramount.


  • We will acknowledge families as relatives.

  • We will measure and evaluate our work to ensure quality services.

  • We will strive to provide consistency through well trained and well supervised staff.

  • We will treat families fairly, ethically and as equal partners.

  • WE will practice in an ethical manner that reflects Dakota values and best practice.

  • We recognize and promote safety, permanence and well-being of children.

  • We will engage families and our colleagues in a strength based and respectful manner.

  • We will work collaboratively, transparently, and professionally with our stakeholders.

  • We recognize families are unique.

  • We will promote a learning environment inside and outside of the Spirit Lake child welfare system of care.

  • We will be proactive in our efforts to provide prevention and early intervention.

  • We will promote individual family self-determination.

  • We have a shared responsibility for the children in our community. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

  • We will continue to sustain and strengthen effective communication, coordination and collaboration with all partners.

  • We will solicit, encourage and respect family’s voice and choice throughout the tribal child welfare system of care.

  • We will invite and encourage community participation and input

  • We will accept and address constructive criticism; encourage positive solutions and idea; and celebrate successes.

  • We will demonstrate accountability to our families.

  • We will uphold current law and advocate for law that better protects our children, families and community.

  • We will continuously seek out and leverage our resources.


Services Provided by IV-E Foster Care:

  • Site visits of IV-E foster children

  • Placement foster children

  • Arrange necessary services

  • Engagement of parents

  • One on one children interaction care & parents

  • Make referrals for other resources as needed

  • Assist or arrange in transportation to and from appoints for children in placement

  • Facilitate quarterly Child Family Team Meetings

  • Develop affidavits for court intervention

  • Participate in IEP meetings for IV-E children

  • Support foster parents in placement of IV-E children


Foster Home Recruitment, Licensing, and Support

  • Locate families interested in Foster Care

  • Conduct home studies

  • Assist families in meeting all standards

  • Present findings to Director for his recommendations

  • Assist and arrange for training