SLT Employment Application


Spirit Lake Tribe Job List

Environmental Health Specialist, Spirit Lake Health Center, Open Until April 26th

Law Enforcement Officer, Spirit Lake Tribe/BIA DOJ, Open Until Filled

Registered Nurse, Early Childhood Tracking, Open Until April 30th

Driver, Spirit Lake Senior Services , open Until Filled

Director, Social Services, Open Until April 30th

Victim Assistance Advocate, Victim Assistance Program, Open until Filled

Medical Technologist/Lab Technician, Spirit Lake Health Center, Open Until Filled (Updated 02/16)

FACE Assistant, Early Childhood Tracking, Open Until Filled

Security Officer, Security Department, Open Until Filled

Senior Lead Teacher, Little Dreamers Childcare Center, Open Until Filled (Updated 01/10)

Paramedic (PT), Emergency Medical Service, Open Until Filled (Updated 01/10)

Adult Criminal Court Public Defender, Spirit Lake Tribal Court, Open Until Filled (Updated 11/02)

Prosecuting Attorney, Spirit Lake Tribal Court, Open Until Filled

Medical Officer, Spirit Lake Health Center, Open Until Filled    updated 02/16/22

Dentist, Spirit Lake Health Center, Open Until Filled (Updated 08/29)

Dentist (Part-Time), Spirit Lake Health Center, Open Until Filled (Updated 08/29)

Director, Spirit Lake Health Center-Dental, Open until Filled

Technician, MIS Department, Open until Filled


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60 Plato Blvd E Suite 400
Saint Paul, MN 55106

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BIA Office of Justice Services



Information Needed
Screening Questionaire
Correctional Officer GL-0007
Police Officer GL-0083
School Resource Officer GL-0083
Law Enforcement Specialist GS-0301
Law Enforcement Assistant GS-0303
Telecommunications Equipment Operator GS0390
Cook WG-7404
Food Service Worker WG-7408



Bureau of Trust Funds Administration

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