Spirit Lake Whereabouts Unknown beneficiaries

July 18, 2023

Greetings everyone. 

This advertisement containsSLTindividuals that own potentially eligible interests on the Spirit Lake Reservation (specifically, Land Area Code 303) and do not have a valid address with the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration or Bureau of Indian Affairs as of August 2022.  These landowners will need to contact the Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC) at 1-888-678-6836 to confirm their Individual Indian Money (IIM) account information is accurate.  Please note that the individuals in this listing are not guaranteed an offer;  the listing includes anyone that may be potentially eligible.  For details about receiving an offer and additional eligibility requirements you can direct individuals to the Program's FAQ webpage:

The Bureau of Trust Funds Administration for American Indians (BTFA) is looking for the following Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) individuals. BTFA maintains an Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account for these individuals that has either cash, land or both in the account.