Sacred Beginnings


Jewel Azure - Coordinator
Marian Ducheneuax - Community Organizer Assistant
Misty Marsh - Supervisor
Lisa Georgeson - Family Support Provider
Lindsey Schulz - Family Support Provider
Darrick Ami - Family Support Provider

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Well-respected, trained Family Suppport Providers to provide valuable guidance, information and support to help parents be the best parents they can be.

The mission of the Sacred Beginnings is to empower families by  promoting the development of healthy
children and strong family systems by providing support, parent education and referral services.

What is Sacred Beginnings?
Sacred Beginnings is a free home visitation program that provides support to pregnant women, mothers, fathers, and other caregivers of young children in their own home. Participants are provided with prenatal support, activities, books, and learning materials for children who are 3 years old and younger. A Family Support Provider from your community will visit you 2 times per month in your home. The visits include vision, hearing and developmental screenings by your Family Support Provider. This fun program provides participants the opportunity to earn incentives to provide support with the challenges of family life. The program also provides links to community resources, support through connections with other families, and guidance in setting and achieving personal and family goals.

We' re here to Help
Sacred Beginnings staff are culturally-sensitive when partnering with families to support the unique needs of the families we serve. We value your contribution to the home visit.

Why Participate?    
At birth, a baby's brain is amazingly unfinished.  The parts of the brain that handle thinking and remembering, as well as emotional and social behavior, are very under-developed.  The relationships a child has with their family, including the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings they experience affect the way a child' s brain develops. Early childhood experiences, including the prenatal period, help the brain ''grow". Trained Family Support Providers support the family with information about parenting and their child' s development.    In return, parents will have the ability to help their child’s brain "grow" to the fullest potential. Based upon our years of experience and evidence- based research, we know that home visiting promotes optimal long-term mental and physical health of parents and their children.

Parent Educators visit families to support:
Pregnancy wellness
Well-baby checks
Infant care and nutrition
Parenting skills
Positive parent-child interaction
Stages of infant & child development
Child health & safety
Developmental screenings
Positive support system
Stress-reduction techniques
Breastfeeding support & information

We value:
Respect for all individuals
Integrity concerning family confidentiality
Family preservation

To enroll, contact:
Sacred Beginnings
PO Box 344
Fort Totten, ND 58335