Spirit Lake Tribal Historic Preservation Office

Spirit Lake Tribal Historic Preservation Office
PO Box 198
Fort Totten, ND  58335
Office:  701-766-4031
Fax:  701-766-4053

The National Historic Preservation Act as amended in 1992 directs the Secretary of the Interior to establish a National Tribal Preservation Program. In accordance with the proposed rule 36 CFR Part 61.8(e), the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer will be a salaried position which will be staffed throughout the tenure of operation of its Historic Preservation Office program.  The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer will be the individual tasked with the duty to carry forth the Historic Preservation Office program and to ensure that Section 101(b) (3) responsibilities assumed by the Spirit Lake Tribe are accomplished in a satisfactory manner.

In accordance with 36 CFR 61.8(g)(i), the Spirit Lake THPO will also appoint or maintain access to professionals meeting the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation (48 CFR 44716) in archaeology, history, and architecture or architectural history. To accomplish this, the Spirit Lake Nation THPO will contract services on an as-needed basis.

The Spirit Lake Nation THPO may secure additional consultants and/or personnel as needed to perform the duties of the Tribal Historic Preservation Program. Such needs may include situations where specialized expertise, education, or training is needed for review or assessment of sites, artifacts or records, or for handling or preserving resources, or when special administrative skills are called for.

The development of scopes of work and contracts for, and the selection of, consultants will be carried out by the Spirit Lake Nation THPO in accordance with the procurement standards of the Spirit Lake Tribe.

Any staff person or consultant expected to perform duties requiring special knowledge and/or training must meet the Secretary of Interior Standards if so specified. When these specifications are required it will be included in the advertisements and announcements of position vacancies or scope of works.

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