SLT Enrollment Dept.

PO Box 579 Fort Totten, ND  58335-0579

(701) 381-0886 Office  (701) 766-1284 (fax)


Staff:  Robin Smith, Director

           Winona Fox, Assistant

Office Hours 8:00AM – 4:30PM

Closed on Thursdays

Minor Funds Criteria Distribution

Enrollment Committee: 

Myrna Greene, At Large

Joseph Sherman, Fort Totten

Joanne Smith, Crowhill

Joy Davidson, Mission

Laura Smith, Woodlake

As of today, we have a total enrollment of 7,256 members. 

The deadline for submitting an application for Enrollment is Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 4:30PM.

A complete application consists of:  
1)  enrollment application
2)  copy of social security card
3)  copy of the State certified birth certificate.

No faxed documents will be accepted for new applications.

The deadline for all address changes will also be November 21, 2018.  All checks will be mailed this year so please make sure we have an updated address for you.  Please share this with family members who reside off the reservation.

If you have any questions, please contact the enrollment office @ 766-1219.

Also, if there’s been a change of custody with the children, we need court documents before we make changes. 

For our members who will 18:  you will need a photo ID & social security card, present them to Western State Bank on the day of your birthday, Monday - Saturday.  If your birthday is on Sunday, you will receive your funds on Monday.

Please keep your address current with our office, if you have moved please send in your new address.  We will require you to submit your address in writing, you may either email, or mail it in to the address or number listed above.

For a name change for marriage, you will need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate.  For divorce or adoption you will need to submit a copy of your court order.

For all Tribal members who reside OFF the reservation, it is important that we have your current address, this will eliminate the chance of your check getting lost in the mail and having to stop payment on your check.

Updated Information

Enrollment Form

Minor Funds Guidelines and Application

Relinquishment Form

Enrollment Ordinance